Email System

Domain-based Email

The basic services provided through participation in the Digital Towpath Technology Shared Service include not only the website content management system but also an email system that provides each domain within the system with official email addresses. The number of addresses is not limited, nor is usage.  Addresses are established through the Manage Email Accounts command under the Tools menu of the Digital Towpath administrative interface so that the decisions about how many and what type of accounts are under complete control of the member government.


The Digital Towpath Email System functions within a secured environment where communication between the user and the email server is encrypted. Unlike with less secure systems, usernames and passwords are not sent in Clear Text, and so, cannot be captured during transmission.


The system also offers webmail with features like address books, calendars and tasks lists that can be shared with others, if desired. Forwarded accounts (aliases) and distribution lists are also available.


A major advantage of using the Digital Towpath Email System is that it can be connected to a government’s Digital Towpath Electronic Records Management System (ERMS) through the Digital Towpath Email Archiving System (EAS) where email can be automatically collected and managed, centralizing all official email communications so that it can be securely stored and easily accessed when required.