Email Archiving

Email Archiving Extension to the Electronic Records Management System

With support from a Local Government Records Management Improvement Fund Shared Services grant from the NYS Archives, Digital Towpath has added email archiving to the Digital Towpath NYS Local Government Cloud Services. This new feature of the Digital Towpath Electronic Records Management System (ERMS) now gives Digital Towpath member municipalities the option to capture all email sent and received through municipal email accounts automatically and integrate those messages and attachments that are public record into the ERMS in order to utilitize its retention, automated disposal, and reporting capabilites. Now email and attachments can be easily managed within the same access control system that the ERMS uses to provide security for other records in electronic format stored within it.


Registration for email archiving requires registration for the ERMS and completion of the form below.


Contact Digital Towpath staff at for more information.

Email Archive Registration
Use this form to add email archiving capablilty to your ERMS domain.