ERMS - Virtual Records Room

Electronic Records Management System

The Digital Towpath Electronic Records Management System is now available to all local governments and many not-for-profit organizations in New York State. The ERMS is a virtual records room with tools to help you manage electronic records of all kinds.Developed through a Local Government Records Management Improvement Fund grant from the NYS Archives, the ERMS gives you the power to manage electronic records from any source - in one place.


  • Through the development of a folder system modeled after those used in physical records rooms, Digital Towpath members can control access to records while safeguarding them.
  • Files can be deleted automatically when they reach the end of their retention period.
  • Inventory, Aging and Disposal reports are automatically generated. 
  • All files are indexed as they are added to the system so that retrieval is simplified. A powerful search engine within the system finds documents quickly. 
  • User support is available through a comprehensive user manual, video tutorial, email and telephone - at no additional charge.


Low annual fee for unlimited use. 

Digital Towpath membership is required.



Contact for more information.

ERMS Registration
This form collects the additional information used to set up an ERMS domain. Use the form to include use of the ERMS with your initial registration for Digital Towpath or to add an ERMS domain to an existing membership. The person designated on this form will be given a Super User account for your ERMS domain.