Systems Status

Current Condition of Digital Towpath Services

System Status information is now located at:


  If you are not receiving notices through the Digital Towpath listserv, please let us know at so you can be added to the list.NOTICE



    Mozilla Firefox is the recommended browser for administering Digital Towpath websites. It is fully compatible with the DTP website administration software. It does require that you use the keyboard shortcuts of Ctrl+C for Copy and Ctrl+V for Paste instead of using the pop up menu you get with a right click. You can download it for free at



* DTP Email System Users: Email account lockouts are now automated. If five attempts to log into an account fail within one hour (because a wrong password was used, for example), the email account will be locked.  After one hour with no failed attempts, the account can be unlocked by logging in with the correct credentials. 


If you are experiencing a problem that is not identified here, please contact Support at or 315-520-4502.


Email Client Settings (PDF - 665.4 KB)
When you set up an account in your client for the first time it will download all messages from the server. If you have many messages and don't want to download them again, log onto webmail and go to Preferences, Mail, Access from other Mail Clients, and change the setting to   “Only download new mail beginning now “