Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the cost for Digital Towpath?
Annual fees for Digital Towpath services are set by the Digital Towpath Cooperative at their annual meeting each year. Current fees can be found at There is no setup fee. The only cost the first year and all subsequent years is the annual fee.
What organizations can join the Digital Towpath Cooperative?
The Digital Towpath Cooperative is a shared service formed through an inter-municipal agreement. Only local governments and local government organizations in New York State can become party to this agreement. Your organization becomes a member by registering for Digital Towpath and beginning to use Digital Towpath services. This membership is renewed each year when your annual fee payment is received.
We have a domain already. Can we join Digital Towpath and keep our current domain ?

If you have a domain and an exisiting website, when you register for Digital Towpath you will be assigned a sub-domain of to use as a development site. You can build your new DTP site at that location and, when you're ready, we can move it to your current domain, replacing your old site with the new DTP site.


Note, though, that during the development process, until your DTP site is live at your domain, you will not be able to use DTP Email Service.

We just registered. What happens now?

If you don't have a domain, the first thing we do is get one for you. If you have a domain, we will set up a development domain for you. A new website database will be set up for you and a temporary logon will be sent to the primary contact noted on your registration, along with a link to the administrative interface for the site. This process normally takes 24 - 72 hours.


An invoice for your first annual fee will be sent to the billing contact noted on your registration in PDF format, as an email attachment. 

How often can I contact support?
You are not limited. Support is available by email and telephone at your convenience. Most support requests are answered promptly, normally within 12 -24 hours. Online help and video tutorials are also available from your administrative interface.
How many email addresses can we have?
Digital Towpath does not limit the number of email addresses you can use. You can set up regular email accounts (POP3), forwarding accounts (aliases) and distribution lists, as needed.
Who owns Digital Towpath?
Digital Towpath is a shared service, formed through inter-municipal agreement. The hardware and software that members share are owned by the Digital Towpath Cooperative.
What other cloud services are available for Digital Towpath members?

Digital Towpath's NYS Local Government Cloud includes not only a robust website content management system and municipal email addresses, but now also an electronic records management system (ERMS) and an email archiving extension.


  • The ERMS is a virtual records room with tools for classifying, retaining, retrieving and reporting records in electronic form. 
  • The email archiving extension captures municipal email at the email server and gives records managers the tools to integrate messages and attachments that are public records into the secure storage of the ERMS where all its tools are available for retention and retreival.