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DTP Stormwater Module

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The Digital Towpath Cooperative has developed many partnerships and tools to assist users in meeting requirements of state and local stormwater management programs.  This page has been developed and is particularly useful to those who may be Regulated MS4's under the NYS SPDES General Permit for Stormwater Discharges.


One of the primary tools that have been developed includes a separate Stormwater Management Module that, when populated and activated, helps communities to create, implement and promote their Stormwater Management Plan and Program.  The Stormwater Module also provides a means to manage and organize the volumes of information, fact-sheets and reports that are typically generated as part of a community's stormwater management program.

The Digital Towpath Cooperative, in partnership with members of the NYS Association of Regional Planning Council's, has also provided for the automation and narration of numerous stormwater management training videos.


Below are a series of links and documents related to the Stormwater Management Module and training videos.